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Meet best friends cat Siggy and baby Isaac.

Isaac was born with a serious heart defect. At just 12-weeks-old, Isaac underwent his first heart surgery. And throughout all the adversity, Siggy, the family’s ginger cat, has never left his side.


“Isaac turned out to be seriously ill with multiple heart problems and I think Siggy knew because he would sleep under Isaac’s moses basket whenever Isaac was in it, like he was guarding him,” says mother Kirsty Jai Skelton.

Siggy has since day one been at Isaac’s side, behaving like a protective older sibling.

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The very first day they met after bringing Isaac , “Siggy sniffed him, rubbed his head and fell asleep next to us,” Kirsty describes.

Isaac is now recovering well after his surgery.

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As soon as he’d returned home from the hospital, Siggy came directly to him, and refused to leave his side, to Isaac’s parents delight, who truly believe Siggy has contributed to Isaac’s recovery.

Source: Facebook

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