Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

All shelter dogs dream of finding their forever home, but it takes some longer than others to get adopted. Some dogs wait months or even years to find a home.

But that makes it even more exciting when long-waiting dogs finally do get adopted. That was the case recently, when one dog who was his shelter’s longest resident finally found a home after 527 days in the shelter.

Murphy, a 3-year-old black mixed-breed dog, spent most of his life in the care of Marion County Animal Services, in Florida.

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Facebook/Marion County Animal Services

Despite being a loving and playful dog, Murphy struggled to find a home. The shelter said that while he had obedience training, he has a “rough playstyle” with other dogs and would be best with a family who can handle bigger dogs.

More than 500 days passed without anyone adopting Murphy, and he became the shelter’s longest resident. Described as an active dog, Murphy didn’t want to be cooped up in a kennel for much longer — he wanted a home where he could run around and play fetch.

A volunteer generously donated a pool for Murphy, who quickly picked up a love for swimming. But while these excursions were great, they were no substitute for a real home.

“This dog deserves a fun life. Who’s ready to give him one?” Marion County Animal Services wrote on Facebook.

Finally, Murphy’s dream came true: he was adopted! After 527 days in the shelter, it was finally Murphy’s day.

Marion County Animal Services says that Murphy’s new home has a pool and is by a lake, so he’ll get to swim all the time now — a very happy ending for this long-waiting dog.

While it’s great news for Murphy, there are still many dogs like him waiting in shelters, including hundreds at Marion County Animal Services, so the shelter encouraged people to adopt.

No dog should have to wait that long in the shelter, but we’re so glad to hear Murphy finally found the perfect home!

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