Ср. Июн 19th, 2024

Just like humans do, dogs can donate their blood to save other dogs in need. These life-saving pets are often dubbed “hero dogs.”

But after saving the lives of others, one hero dog nearly lost her own life because no one would adopt her — but now she’s getting a second chance.

Ivy is an 18-year-old terrier mix who arrived at the Smith County Animal Shelter, in Texas, on June 2. Ivy’s blood type makes her a universal donor, and she was able to donate her blood to save other dogs in need.

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Facebook/Smith County Animal Control & Shelter

But despite being a sweet, loving dog, Ivy could not find a home — and despite her life-saving deeds, she was in danger of being euthanized, according to CBS19.

However, all hope was not lost. Pearl Wittholt, a volunteer with Saving Animals from Euthanasia in Texas, brought Ivy’s story to CBS19 in hopes that the publicity would save the dog’s life.

It’s a plan that worked before: you may remember the story of Stanford from earlier this year, another blood-donating dog who was nearly euthanized, but was saved by being adopted thanks to news publicity.

“The last time you advertised a hero dog for us, he was saved,” Wittholt told CBS19.

Thankfully, it worked: in an inspiring update, the outlet reported that their story led to Ivy finding a forever home, saving this “hero dog” from euthanasia.

CBS19 also said that there were three other “hero dogs” still at Smith County Animal Shelter looking for homes, and encouraged people to visit and consider adopting.

No dog who saved so many lives should be in danger of being put down, but we’re glad that Ivy is safe and sound in her new home!

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