Вт. Июн 25th, 2024

Being alive today is a miracle, especially for Lucy. At a Bali construction site where many dogs once lived but went “missing,” Lucy, who was saved around three months ago, was discovered. When her Savior noticed Lucy, Lucy was shocked. The little puppy was ready to be sold and killed for food because a fishing wire was tightly wrapped around her nose, suggesting that she had been taken in for the dog meat trade. Acting swiftly, Lucy’s savior hurried her to the doctor for immediate care.

A fishing line that had been looped around Lucy and had seriously damaged her snout was discovered. The unfortunate canine was reportedly bound for the disgusting and inhumane meat farms.

When the fishing line was finally cut loose at the vet, Lucy was at last safe, but she was still in trouble. The medical professionals gave her a 50/50 chance of surviving because she had the horrible illness parvovirus. A stray dog was found bound with fishing line; we were able to rescue and treat her.

Eventually, Lucy had reached a safe area. Nevertheless, she had not yet left the forest. She was identified as having the deadly parvovirus, and the veterinarians gave her a 50% chance of surviving. After a few days of being in and out, Lucy started to show signs of progress, and after two weeks, she was given the all-clear to move into foster care. She tested positive for distemper after just one day, as if she hadn’t already been through enough, and started acting strangely. Though she was strong, we didn’t think Lucy would survive. She was already skin and bones when we found her since the parvovirus had devastated her immune system.
After battling numerous illnesses and a lot of hard work, Lucy started to recover, but she had no faith in others.

She, however, retaliated. She had no appetite, so we syringe-fed her bone broth every couple of hours while also providing her with the best care we could. Lucy was now prepared to start her emotional healing journey after completing her physical recuperation. She was silent after being rescued and avoided making eye contact with anyone. She would spend hours hiding in the corner of her kennel, scarcely moving except to go potty. She had little faith in people when we found her, therefore she must have experienced a lot of trauma before.

With help from veterans, foster parents, and several other people, Lucy eventually started to recover from her tragedy.

For the past few months, Lucy has lived with Prue, the creator of Mission Paws’ible, and she has come a long way. Although she remains watchful, she is gradually becoming the happy and vivacious little dog she once was. Along with enjoying sunbathing, she loves going on zoomies with her paw-fwends. Even though she never did it when she first arrived, Lucy now jumps up onto the sofa to sleep next to her friends.
restored faith in both people and other creatures.

Lucy is a good example of how much love and a little patience can accomplish a lot. She hopes for a bright and fulfilling future and is looking for her ideal home. Currently, Mission Paws’ible is constructing the Healing Center. A secure location to rest and recover will be made available by this clinic for animals like Lucy. They will receive therapies including natural raw food meals, daily hairless dog therapeutic oil massages, animal therapy music, one-on-one human interaction, and lots of sunshine.
Lucy is a wonderful example of how kindness and perseverance can go a long way and save a life.