Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

These unique and bizarre homes – characterized by their beauty, eccentricity, and ingenuity – stand as a testament to the boundless creativity of humanity.

Keep reading to see some of the world’s most interesting dwellings!

1. Indonesia – Dome homes

This village of dome-shaped houses in Indonesia was originally built for those who lost their homes to an earthquake. Now, these homes can withstand earthquakes and winds up to 190mph!

Credit / Dasril Roszandi / NurPhoto / Getty.

2. Utah, USA – Cliff homes

These fascinating homes in Rockland Ranch, Utah, USA, have been built into the side of cliffs. This town is home to a small population – only about 100 people live here, after it was founded less than 40 years ago as a save space for fundamentalist Mormons.

Credit / Joe Sohm / Visions of America / Universal Images Group / Getty.

3. Poland – Keret house

Keret House in Poland is also dubbed the world’s skinniest house, and is about 28 inches wide. It was built by Edgar Keret in Warsaw, Poland, as a memorial to his family who died in the Holocaust.

3. Ivory Coast – Crocodile house

The world’s first house to be shaped like a crocodile was built by African artist Moussa Kalo in the Cocody district of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in 2008. Kalo has since passed, but today the concrete house is inhabited by his apprentice Thierry Atta, who also helped to build it.

The front of the house is made up of a huge smiling crocodile mouth, and the main body of the creature is hollow enough inside to fit a bedroom and living area.

4. Nigeria – Airplane house

This unique home in Abuja, Nigeria, is designed with part of an airplane on top, to reflect how much the couple who lives there loves traveling. In the airplane part of the house, there is a kitchen and computer room, and the home also features both a mosque and a swimming pool!

5. Serbia – River house

This lonely little abode in Serbia sits perched on a rock in the Drina river. It was built by a group of young men in 1968, as they thought it’d be an ideal place to shelter. Since then, it has stayed standing amid severe storms and flooding.

6. Czech Republic – Rotating home

This home in Prague, the Czech Republic was built totally by hand by Bohumil Lhota between 1981 and 2002. The home rotates so he can have the best view at all times, and the best part? It can also move up and down!

7. Australia – Rotating house (another one!)

At a cost of $700,000, this three bedroom house was built on a rotating platform to make use of the stunning views. Shaped like an octagon, this unique house makes a full rotation every 30 minutes!