Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

Wanting to create a cozy corner in their dorm room, two young women from the United States bought an old couch from eBay for just $20.

Although it was dirty and had an unpleasant smell, the upholstery was not worn out, so the two were satisfied with the deal after cleaning it a bit and putting a cover over it.

However, one evening while they were sitting and watching a movie, the young women felt something strange under their bottoms.

When they removed the cushion covers, they were shocked.

Several envelopes filled with money were hidden there, and the total amount they found added up to $40,000!

Fortunately, one of the envelopes had a phone number written on it, so the young women called to return the money.

The elderly woman from whom they had purchased the couch expressed immense gratitude.

“These are the savings my husband accumulated throughout his entire life. Unfortunately, he passed away, and I was hospitalized for a period of time. My children sold the couch without asking me,” the elderly woman confessed.