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I have the utmost regard for those who defy aging expectations.

Every time I hear of an elderly person doing something that is typically done by much younger people, like mountain climbing, riding, or playing video games, my heart thrills.

You might not be surprised to find that this woman has been dubbed “the world’s most beautiful grandmother” for years based on initial impressions.

She also demonstrates that youth and attractiveness do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Since her birth on December 21, 1955, on the French island of Corsica, Yazemeenah Rossi has adorned the covers of publications all over the world.

Over the years, she has continued to work as an actor, making cameos in movies including Timeless Beauty, Relevator, and The Grasslands.

The French actress and model started her career when she was almost 30 rather than when she was a teenager like most models do.

Reveals her beauty’s secret

At that early point in her career, Yazemeenah was already debunking the myth that models need to be young.

At the age of 20, I had two children and worked from home, sewing clothes, knitting, and doing interior design for friends and other people. Even when I was raising my children, I was very active and independent since I had always known that I would never work in an office or reside in one area for the rest of my life, she stated in 2020.

She asserts that youth is still in high demand in the modeling industry despite her lengthy career in the industry.

Years ago, I began to believe that things would start to shift gradually and that we would start to see more older models, but that did not happen. Although males might talk less about it, I do think that both men and women are worried about aging. Nobody enjoys watching their skin droop to gravity. However, becoming older is a good thing since it makes you stronger over time, according to Yazemeenah, who spoke to Vice.

Age is unquestionably a mental state. You can refuel and maintain that energy if you are in touch with your inner kid. There are no actual “magic tricks” to keep you appearing young, she argues, adding that you need to have a dynamic, adventurous, and inquisitive mindset.

I haven’t undergone any cosmetic procedures yet. I don’t really understand why I would need surgery when I am in excellent condition.

Yasmina Rossi, the ageless beauty, has won praise throughout the years for her acceptance of and celebration of her natural features.

“I use oil to moisturize my skin. Rapeseed oil was applied to my hair. I exfoliate my skin once a week using olive oil and fine sugar, and I consume organic meat and fish every day, she said to The Potion Tree.

In December 2023, Yazemeenah will turn 68 years old.

She assured The Daily Mail that she will continue modeling “until the end of my life, but it’s not about modeling, it’s about witnessing, witnessing beauty, energy makes us alive,” so she isn’t planning on slowing down.

This woman is very motivating!

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