Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

No matter who you are, there’s nothing worse than experiencing the loss of a beloved pet. Even the biggest celebrities still grieve for their dogs and cats.

Now, one famous actress is mourning for her beloved cat, writing that she feels “totally broken” over the loss.

Kate Beckinsale announced on Instagram that her cat Clive recently passed away, and the actress is in deep mourning: “I don’t have it in me to make a montage or even look at pictures of him yet,” Beckinsale wrote.

“Every single part of my house feels like he should be in it,” she added. “If anyone is expecting to hear from me, you may not for a bit and I’m sorry.”

Beckinsale’s fans are likely familiar with Clive: the cat was a social media star, often showing up on the Underworld star’s Instagram page.

It’s clear that the two had a lot of fun together and Clive was loved a lot. Beckinsale would make funny videos of her playing with her cat at home and even create fun costumes for Clive.

According to Celebrity Pets, Beckinsale adopted Clive in 2008. The cat was estimated to be 15-16 years old at the time of his passing.

Beckinsale also has another Persian cat named Willow, as well as a Pomeranian dog named Myf. She previously also owned a dog named Ingrid and a cat named Wabbit, who have passed away.

In 2019, Beckinsale talked about Clive in an interview with People, mentioning that the dog was a cancer survivor.

“Clive’s favorite things in the world are suitcases and boxes and bags, if you bring home a pair of sneakers or take out bag, he’s immediately inside it,” she said at the time. “So we got him this suitcase bed, and he loves it so much.”

Beckinsale, who described herself as “very much a cat person,” also said she adopted her second cat Willow from a friend “because she liked Clive so much.”

Several celebrities responded to Beckinsale’s post to share their condolences, including Anya Taylor Joy, Ilsa Fisher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Seth Rogen, who recently said goodbye to his beloved dog.

Rest in peace, Clive — it’s clear you were loved a lot and brought so much joy to your owner Kate Beckinsale. You will be missed 💔

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