Сб. Июн 15th, 2024

All of Charles Evans’ (82-year-old) pals call him LaLa. He claims that he can still clearly recall his first glance at Louise, his future wife. It was clearly love at first sight, he says with a smile. LaLa was, however, crushed when Louise passed away, but she used that sorrow to fuel the creation of something magnificent and extraordinary. Behind the yard, a museum, where he and his wife spent 59 beautiful years together.

The walls of the museum are covered with hundreds, possibly thousands, of photographs that LaLa and her family and they have taken over the years, filling it with memories. LaLa admits: “We even discussed creating a museum before she passed away in order to house all of these photographs.

Even though I didn’t have the time, I insisted on doing it because the concept had persisted in my mind. I promised myself a few months after her absence that I would make the dream we shared a reality.