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 Melissa Sloan
46-year-old Melissa Sloan. By: Twitter

Facial tattoos hold a special place in Sloan’s heart, and she has completely covered her face with them. The layered tattoos have been inked over multiple times, creating a multi-dimensional collage.

«I’ve got three layers on my face. I probably have the most tattoos in the world, and if not, then at the rate I’m going, I probably will have in the end,» she says enthusiastically.

Sloan’s journey with tattoos began at the age of 20, and she quickly became addicted to them.

 A tattoo covered face
Melissa Sloan with her tattoo-covered face. By: Twitter/KTUL

Up until today — despite her struggles with employment Sloan continues to get new tattoos regularly, with an average of three new ones each week.

Sloan, 46, previously worked as a toilet cleaner but has been unable to find similar employment. “I can’t get a job,” she said in an interview with the Daily Star.

With over 800 tattoos, Sloan claims that employers judge her based on her inked-up body and face. “I applied for a job cleaning toilets where I live, and they won’t have me because of my tattoos.»

Melissa's Tattoo-covered face.
Melissa claims that her tattoos make employers see her as unemployable. By:

Sloan added that despite people’s assumptions, she has had a job in the past, although it didn’t last long, and claimed she was willing to work if given the opportunity.

Sloan remains defiant and determined. She aims to set a record in the Guinness Book of Records for the most tattoos. «I’d like to be a record holder, it’s just something different,» says Sloan.

She sees herself as «addicted» to the process and plans to continue getting tattoos even into her old age.

Melissa Sloan gets three Tattoos a week
Melissa Sloan gets three Tattoos a week. By: Twitter/Mr Pål Christiansen

«If I make it to 70, I’ll still be getting them. Every bit of skin will be covered, even if I’m turning blue,» she declared.