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We know all to well how dogs would go above and beyond for their humans, but many times, humans go an extra mile for our furry friends as well.

Amanada and Dylan, animal lovers, heard of a dog that was likely abandoned in the mountains of Evan’s Creek. Without hesitating even a bit, the two headed to the place where the dog named Bear was believed to be residing. What they had on their mind was to take him with them and offer him a chance to start his life over. But, no matter how great that sounded, putting their plan into action wasn’t that easy.

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Bear was scared of humans and wouldn’t let anyone approach closer. So after many failed attempts to get near him, Amanda came with a plan B.

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Namely, she told Dylan how the two would go to the woods the next day and she would lay on the ground pretending to be dead. Knowing dogs’ friendly nature, she was certain Bear would approach her himself to check whether she needs help.

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Amazingly, some time later, Bear did get close and started sniffing Amanda. He spent some time around her and then headed back among the trees.

Amanda didn’t give up. She knew Bear would soon come back to her, and that’s exactly what happened. After an hour later, Bear approached again, but this time he wasn’t planning on leaving Amanda’s side.

She gained his trust, and it was the beginning of Bear’s new life.


In the next moment, Amanda, Dylan, and Bear were all inside the vehicle and headed to the vet’s.

After the check-up, Bear was taken in by the organization Lost & Found Pets, Washington, who tried locating Bear’s owner. However, as that didn’t happen, Bear was put up for adoption.

It wasn’t long until he found his forever home. Bear’s life changed for the better all thanks to Amanda and her friend Dylan.

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