Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

On her way to work, a nurse from Essex, England, discovered an abandoned suitcase on the sidewalk. Her instincts told her to approach and investigate further. The woman discovered a genuine surprise when she opened it!

A bag containing 15 kittens that were under three to five weeks old was discovered in a bush.

The suitcase was cut with numerous holes so that air could enter, allowing the miserable kittens to breathe. Whoever abandoned them must have wanted them to survive. The “luggage” was also purposefully dumped adjacent to a well-known animal refuge.

Alison Gamble, a shelter employee, came to the nurse’s aid and examined the animals and was pleased with the condition of the kittens: “They are in good condition, and it’s clear that the kittens have been away from their mother. ”

Because the kittens have not been weaned, they must be fed to the individual so as not to develop nutritional problems.

Fortunately, those in the care center are willing to take care of the 15 souls until they are adopted. At the moment, the kittens are too small and fragile to be let go.

“Six of them show some signs of eye infection, while the others seem fine for a while, but we want to monitor them closely to make sure their health is okay.”

Watch the video below that tells the whole story of the lucky kittens: