Вт. Июн 25th, 2024

The man named Laurence asked “what on earth are these?” alongside a photo of what many say looks like “a thousand pairs of eyes”.

“Sorry to anyone who has a phobia to this sort of thing… I can see why,” he wrote of the small white balls clustered together on a willow tree leaf.

In the centre of each, there is a small black marking, making many draw comparisons to “creepy” eyeballs, while others joked they looked like Skittles.
‘Can’t bear to look at it’
It was no joke to some who revealed how unsettled they were by the discovery that many concluded was “insect eggs of some sort”.

The problem it seems is that the cluster of eggs was a trigger for those with trypophobia – a disgust or fear of a pattern of holes.

“Makes me itch and feel uncomfortable,” one person wrote in the comments.

“Jesus, can’t cope,” shared another.

Others said they “can’t bear to look at it, while another said they felt “nauseous and weird”.

Others were fascinated by the “amazing” find.