Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

Allegra Cole’s dream has always been to work as a model. She didn’t think she was pretty or appealing enough for this line of work, though. Allegra didn’t seem to like nearly everything about her. So, she initially chose plastic surgery while she was in her 30s.

After doing the initial procedure, she developed an addiction of some sort. Allegra completely transformed herself. Cole looked entirely different following six plastic surgery procedures. She possessed enormous forms and a massive breast. Yet Allegra doesn’t feel good about herself. The woman is going to have more surgery in order to get the ideal body of her dreams.

On the other hand, a unique old photo of Allegra surfaced online. Viewers were able to view the woman’s pre-plastic surgery appearance. Cole was a quite lovely woman.

But she became a freak of nature. It’s true that she feels content and self-assured now. Allegra exudes beauty.

And your thoughts? Which aspect of Allegra’s beauty is there?