Пт. Фев 23rd, 2024

It looks like something from another planet or a science fiction film, but this natural masterpiece is real.

The phenomenon is called “Flying Geyser” and it was accidentally created when a farm owner in the Nevada desert drilled the ground in search for water.

It all began in the early 20th century when the owner of the farm drilled a well to raise the quality of its agricultural products. But when they had to drill all the way down they stopped because the water temperature was almost 100 degrees celcius. In 1964 there was a second attempt. It also failed because the water temperature was too high.

After the second attempt they did not cover the well properly. The result..? Your jaw will drop to the floor!

The great water pressure flings up minerals and gases, and it develops into a cool pile that only grows and grows.

The water lakes created their own ecosystem under the geyser. There are all kinds of fish and birds.

The strange but wonderful geyser got its shape from various minerals that react to the oxygen of the air along with the sun. The result is spectacular and colorful.

On this site you can read more about the geyser and how to reach it.