Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

Boyle, who became famous in 2009 through “Britain’s Got Talent,” shocked viewers with a performance during the season 4 final.

The actress Susan Boyle is open about her health.

On the season 4 finale of Britain’s Got Talent, the Scottish singer who first gained notoriety on the show in 2009, made a surprise cameo. Boyle disclosed that she had had a stroke last year after her performance.

In order to perform “I Dreamed a Dream,” the song that made her famous when she originally appeared on the competition show, she joined the cast of Les Miserables in the West End.

Regarding her performance, Boyle, 62, said, “It feels great. It is particularly meaningful for me because I had a mild stroke there in April of last year.”

After Boyle delivered a health update, show creator and head judge Simon Cowell complimented her for her strength. “Susan, we owe you so much and I knew you weren’t well, but if anyone was going to come back you were going to be the one because it wouldn’t be the same without you,” added 63-year-old Cowell.

On social media, the “Wild Horses” singer also discussed performing again. On her Instagram, she posted images from the memorable evening. She added, “I had the honor of performing with the wonderful cast of @lesmizofficial tonight at @bgt. The fact that I suffered a stroke in April 2022 made this event all the more special for me.”

The Mayo Clinic states that a stroke happens when the blood flow to a portion of the brain is cut off or diminished. Stroke symptoms might include, but are not limited to, a headache, paralysis, difficulty speaking, and difficulty understanding others.