Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

Sometimes, men can be left confused with the various contraptions women use in their day-to-day upkeep. You come across many posts where a common everyday product for women is pictured, with the text asking for the men to identify what it is.

This seems to be such an instance where a lot of people were left scratching their heads, unable to figure out what the contraption was. Keep reading if you want a good laugh and your curiosity finally sated.

When a Reddit user came across a strange-looking contraption, they were left scratching their heads. The user was confused about what the use of the product could be.

The only clue they had to go by was that the brand marked on the product was ‘Decathlon,’ which implied that it had something to do with sports or exercise.

The user wrote in a Reddit community imploring people for answers. They wrote, “my mind is in the gutter drawing blanks.” Unable to come up with an answer for what the product did, the user turned to social media for help.


After they posted the picture of the strange device, their curiosity was soon sated when a knowledgeable individual replied to the original question and answered what it was!

The item was a simple abs exerciser! It is listed online as a compact abs exerciser. So, how does this device help you with exercise for your abs? It’s quite simple. The device was designed to help you correct your posture during your ab workout so there is no unnecessary strain on your neck.


The device is perfect for anyone who gets a tense neck while doing crunches, it helps you so your neck muscles do not work overtime and get cramped or tense! The device is perfect for people who work out at home and rely on their own body weight for exercise! You basically grab the two handles on either side and then place the rest behind your head and do ab crunches as usual.

The picture of the device had a lot of people stumped. And honestly, just by looking at the picture, you cannot possibly understand what the product is supposed to do!

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