Чт. Июл 18th, 2024

The 41-year-old Jason Momoa became well-known for playing Khal Drogo in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Fans who swoon at the sight of the incredibly handsome man frequently shower the actor with love messages. However, the Hollywood actor’s heart is already full.

Jason and Lisa Bonet had a happy marriage. The pair seemed unfazed by their significant age difference or the critical remarks of jealous others. Remember, her chosen one is 12 years younger than Lisa. The two children of Momoa and Bone are Lola and Nakoa-Wolfe.

They connected at a friend’s house party in 2005. While Lisa was well-known at the time, Jason was a relatively obscure actor. A woman that the young man had loved since he was eight years old was discovered by him.

Momoa invited Bona to the neighborhood pub despite being in a relationship at the time. The couple has remained together ever since.

One of the most vibrant and attractive couples in Hollywood, Momoa and Bone have made a name for themselves. Do you concur with this assertion?