Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

In a super sweet story from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, let’s talk about Bolo, a pit bull mix with enough charm to snag a spot as the first-ever «paw-trol officer» at the Hopkinsville Police Department (HPD). Bolo’s adventure began when he showed up at the HPD during an adoption event with the Christian County Animal Shelter in October, thinking he’d just be a short-term guest. But, guess what? Bolo and his charming characteristics had other plans.

The HPD started a weekly program called #PawtrolWednesday to introduce shelter dogs to the community. Their original idea was to bring shelter dogs to the department every Wednesday, let them mingle, share their stories on social media, and hopefully find them forever homes.

However, Bolo, with his magnetic personality, turned the HPD’s intentions upside down. Chief Jason Newby, in a lighthearted Facebook video, opened up about how everyone fell head over heels for Bolo during his visit, saying that «oddly enough, everybody fell in love with him.»

Obviously, Bolo’s charm was too much to handle. When the time came for him to head back to the shelter at the end of the day, something magical happened. As they tried to put him back in his cage, Bolo dropped his head, whimpered, and, well, hearts melted all around. In a move that surprised everyone, the decision was made right then and there—Bolo wasn’t going back; he was officially adopted into the HPD family.
And the big moment happened during a Hopkinsville City Council meeting on November 7, where Mayor James R. Knight Jr. officiated the «swearing-in» ceremony. Bolo, the last to be sworn in, approached the mayor to take his oath, promising to «support the citizens of the City of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, as I serve as Paw-trol Dog.» And, of course, he sealed it with a paw print.

The city couldn’t contain its excitement, sharing a video of the ceremony and expressing eagerness to follow Bolo’s «career» as the inaugural Paw-trol Officer. HPD joined in the celebration, posting a photo of Bolo with his new badge, surrounded by his «coworkers.»

Since officially becoming a part of the HPD family, Bolo’s life has been nothing short of fantastic. Treats, pizza crusts, biscuits—you name it, he’s getting spoiled by the department staff. Royale Marfil, the HPD public information officer, shared her thoughts on Bolo’s early days, describing him as a bit «shy and timid» during his shelter days. However, he quickly became the darling of the department, forming deep connections with everyone.
Besides his official duties as a Paw-trol officer, Bolo has become a community star. He even read to kids at a local library with Officer Marfil for «Hometown Heroes storytime.» Marfil can’t help but gush about Bolo’s perpetual happiness, mentioning how his cheerful vibes make the workday brighter for everyone. The story of Bolo is such a wonderful one, right? If you love it, don’t forget to like and share this amazing story with friends and family!