Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

Leslie David, a thrill-seeking photographer from Ontario, Canada, discovered an abandoned house with a broken roof and almost entirely covered entrance, on one of her search missions. She went inside and found a man named Lawrence living there.

Lawrence was an older man with cataracts in his left eye and was missing his right eye. He had difficulty moving and spent most of his time alone in the house. Leslie was touched by Lawrence’s story and promised to visit him again. Leslie went back with plenty of food and drinks, and they shared a meal and talked about each other’s lives.

Leslie discovered that Lawrence had given up on life after having a stroke and not seeking medical help. She felt sorry for the lonely and hurt man and decided to renovate his house with the help of her friends and relatives. Leslie wanted Lawrence’s last years on earth to be filled with joy and love. After the renovations were done, Leslie and Lawrence continued to meet and have conversations about life in general.

Lawrence would speak about how he had lost contact with his brother, the family member he was closest to. They would meet regularly, and Leslie continued to bring food to make sure Lawrence was fed. Lawrence shared with Leslie that the day she showed up was the best day of his life. Leslie felt grateful for the opportunity to do something for someone without expecting anything in return.