Вт. Июн 25th, 2024

Having an heirloom means taking on the responsibility of a custodian and making sure it stays that way from generation to generation.

This innocent scheme, however, took a very ugly turn for one woman when her new spouse suggested a different way.

The 35-year-old woman turned to Reddit for advice after explaining her predicament, which had its roots in the age-old custom of giving an emerald necklace to the firstborn on their fourteenth birthday.

On Emily’s forthcoming fourteenth birthday in January 2024, she will presumably get this treasured memento.

After being together for four years, the woman and her husband Joey tied the knot two years ago.

She went on to say that they both have daughters from past relationships.

While discussing Christmas gifts, Joey made a jaw-dropping idea, even though he was aware of the family custom and that the woman had intended to present the necklace to Emily.

Joey suggested that the woman give the emerald jewelry to his daughter Sophia instead, explaining that it would show how much she accepted Sophia as her own daughter.

The woman, clearly distressed by this idea, went on to say that her daughter Emily was aware of the family custom and eagerly anticipated receiving the necklace. Joey, unfortunately, was very obstinate and would not budge from his decision.

Actually, he said that his wife was biased and self-centered, as she could just buy Emily another necklace from Amazon.

Regardless of Joey’s thoughts, the woman remained resolute and declared that Emily would be receiving her family heirloom.

His displeasure with the woman’s refusal to budge led him to resort to the silent treatment, with the exception of situations involving the children.

Joey escalated the matter by telling his mom and sister about it. They believed that the woman was being biased and agreed with Joey that Sophia should get the necklace.

The woman sought advice on Reddit from others who felt her marriage was under stress, wondering if her actions were justified.

People on the internet were massively in her favor, which is not surprising.

One person wrote: “You’re not favoring one kid over another. Emily is your kid and the necklace is hers. Your [stepdaughter] is not entitled to anything. I would have told him that his daughter can get the knockoff from Amazon if it’s that important to him.”

They then added: “That being said, you need to put the necklace in a safe place like a box in the bank or something because trust me, as soon as Emily has it, it’s going to ‘disappear’ or be broken by ‘accident.’”

Another person agreed, saying: “It needs to be locked up in a safe place so that neither your [stepdaughter] nor your husband can get their hands on it. I would sit down with Emily and explain why you are doing so and that while you consider it hers, it’s best to keep it safe.”

In your opinion, how does this scenario stand? Had you been in her shoes, would you have acted similarly?

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