Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

A young mother has chosen a unique way to raise her children by putting their safety and independence first.

Even though some people have criticized her, she is still determined to follow her unusual parenting rules as her kids get older.

Audrey, who is happy to be a mother of two, used TikTok to talk about the unusual parenting rules she follows:

Audrey’s most important rule is that she will never leave her daughter alone with a male: no matter if the man is family, she won’t leave her young daughter alone with him.

This means no sleepovers and no interacting with male cousins without being watched, no matter how close they are.

Audrey made it clear that she only trusts her own mother, who raised her, to take care of her kids when she’s not around.

Treating her kids the same: Audrey is determined to treat her son and daughter the same.

For example, when they get bigger, you might set curfews and follow the same rules and expectations for both of them.

She is sure that her kids shouldn’t be taught respect; instead, they should be taught how to stand up for themselves.

Being honest all the time: Audrey wants her kids to be open and honest with her.

She made it clear that anyone trying to get her kids to like them by telling them secrets or giving them treats that aren’t allowed will not be allowed.

Her kids are free to say what they think and feel, so they don’t have to hug, kiss, or sit on the laps of family members if they don’t want to.

Audrey also does things like give her kids “mental health days” to help them deal with their feelings in addition to these rules. Before taking Western drugs when they are sick, she looks into alternative and natural ways to heal.

Audrey wants to teach her kids how to set limits, say no, and stand up for themselves by doing the same.

She tries to keep a good view of herself and doesn’t say bad things about her looks or body, especially in front of her young daughter, who is easily influenced.

People have different opinions about Audrey’s unique ways of parenting, but she isn’t going to change because she puts her kids’ safety first by following the parenting principles she believes in.

No matter what other people think, she is determined to raise her children the way she sees fit.

Different readers had different things to say. Some were worried about a possible rebellion, while others thought Audrey’s approach was good, especially when it came to making sure everyone was safe.

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