Вт. Июн 25th, 2024

A 30-year-old woman sought advice on Reddit after her boyfriend’s family Thanksgiving went awry. Her boyfriend had broken up with his high school sweetheart a year before they started dating, but his family struggled to move on. The boyfriend’s mother, particularly, clung to the ex-girlfriend as part of the family.

Despite entering the relationship with understanding, the woman faced continuous challenges. The boyfriend’s mother persistently called her by the ex’s name, even after her boyfriend intervened. Correcting the mother proved futile, as it seemed the older woman took pleasure in causing distress.

As Thanksgiving approached, tensions escalated. During a gathering at the boyfriend’s sister’s home, the mother sarcastically suggested the woman, calling her by the wrong name, should cook the turkey. Determined to make a point, the woman agreed, intending to bring the turkey for Thanksgiving.

However, on the day, she arrived without the promised turkey, believing the boyfriend’s mother had assumed someone else was bringing it. This led to a heated confrontation, resulting in yelling, crying, and the couple being kicked out. Following the incident, the boyfriend refused to speak to the woman.

Seeking advice from Reddit, the woman discovered that many users praised her actions, considering them a bold stand against the mistreatment she endured. Some suggested she should have confronted the older woman earlier, but most acknowledged her attempts had been futile.

In the end, the woman’s unconventional Thanksgiving move gained her support online, with users viewing it as a powerful response to the persistent disrespect she faced from her boyfriend’s mother. While her relationship with her boyfriend hung in the balance, she found validation from the online community for standing up against the ongoing mistreatment