Пн. Фев 26th, 2024

In recent news, Simon Cowell, the TV celebrity and judge on America’s Got Talent, opened up about how two bike accidents changed his life. The 63-year-old suffered a serious accident in Malibu in 2020 while riding an e-bike, and another one in London in early 2022. These incidents left him with injuries including a fractured back, a broken arm, and a probable concussion. Simon admitted that before the accidents, he was quite unfit and unaware of his physical condition.

The accidents prompted Simon to reflect on his health and adopt a healthier lifestyle, thanks to the support of his fiancée, Lauren Silverman, and for the benefit of his nine-year-old son, Eric. He shared that he considered therapy for the first time due to the emotional impact of his injuries. Simon expressed his low mood and how it affected his ability to engage with his son. However, Eric came up with a nickname for his father, referring to him as “Iron Man” due to the metal rods and screws now in Simon’s back.

Despite the accidents, Simon has maintained his love for biking and plans to continue riding. He joked about the mishaps and made light of his own experiences. During an audition show, he humorously mentioned that after fracturing his back, he realized certain physical activities with his son might not be the best idea.

Simon’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of health and resilience in the face of adversity. The accidents led him to reevaluate his lifestyle and prioritize his well-being. With the support of his loved ones, Simon has embraced a healthier outlook on life and remains committed to his passions.