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Unhappy with their living situation, a woman’s parents moved in with her after she consented to having them.

She gave them the option of moving in with her or into a nursing facility.

A Reddit user revealed that she was a single mother whose children had all left home, leaving her to live alone in her residence.

She lived in a home with five bedrooms, but she only used two of them for sleeping because she turned the others into her office and her hobbies.

Nevertheless, she anticipated the necessity of a guest house for her children’s visits and transformed her garage into one, complete with all the necessary amenities and a private entrance.

She made it clear to her kids that the guest house would be required of them whenever they spent the holidays at her place.

Her kids were on board right away, but when their parents requested assistance, everything changed.

What Happened with the Woman’s Parents?

The woman’s parents wanted to move in with her, even though she had built the guest house for her children. She informed her children that she had consented to let them stay with her.

Reminding her children that their grandparents would be relocating to the guest house, she made it clear that they would need to vacate the premises if they wished to spend the night. The kids were in agreement.

The woman’s grandchildren showed up at her house to assist their grandparents with the garage move-in when the big day arrived for their parents.

Her offspring made arrangements for one family to stay in a motel so that everything could be handled more easily.

But as the family began transferring their possessions into the garage, her parents became perplexed. That was the woman’s parents’ intended residence, she said.

“They thought they could move into my house since I have five bedrooms.”

Since the woman had turned her other bedrooms into offices and hobby areas, she only had two bedrooms, she stated. Her canines spent much of their time in the spare bedroom she owned.

What Did the Woman’s Parents Say?

The woman’s parents were not pleased when she informed them that she had planned for them to live in the garage, which had its own kitchen and bathroom, because she hadn’t thought they would want to live in the home.

Despite the guest house providing all the necessities for a happy existence, the woman’s parents were nonetheless let down and distressed. She bemoaned:

“They said that they wanted to live in the house, not out in the garage like Fonzie.”

The daughter-in-law informed her parents that they were stuck living in the garage.

Afterwards, she made it clear that they had the option to either move into the room she had prepared or find a nursing home elsewhere.

The woman couldn’t believe her parents were fussy about not having to pay rent and living in a private, code-compliant garage. Reddit users quickly began to react with condolences for her.

According to one commenter, the woman’s parents sound quite entitled, and she would be stuck with them forever if she allowed them to live with her.

Rather than doing their own cooking and cleaning, the woman’s parents wished to live in the main house, according to another commentator.

A user mentioned that her acquaintance had done a comparable task for parents who were much more appreciative, saying:

“My friend recently turned her shed into a beautiful guest house, kitchen appliances, private bathroom, the works, her parents are currently living there, and they don’t have a problem with it. They like the privacy, and they like being close to their child.”

Nevertheless, there were many who felt the woman ought to have spoken to her parents first to get their thoughts on the matter.

Even though they should respect her limits, the woman should let her parents know that they could drop by the main residence on occasion, according to some.

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