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A marriage should be based on mutual respect and understanding, but not every person who’s involved in such a union respects these unwritten rules.

The truth is that there are plenty of cases of people ending their marriage because of infidelity, and the following story is an example of what the cheaters are willing to do in order to get away with their acts.

A woman named Jane started her story explaining that she and her friends were going to have lunch together at a restaurant. Her husband was on a business trip and wasn’t going to return home until later that night.

As she sat at the table and ordered her grilled calamari and garlic bread, she started looking around wondering if every lawyer tries to spot any of their clients like she did. At that particular moment, her heart stopped.

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Among the people at the restaurant was her husband Tom. He was on his phone and was smiling in a way she hasn’t seen him smile in years. But who was he chatting with if not her?

“And what was up with that smile? The last time I saw that smile was when he surprised me with a weekend away for our anniversary about five years ago,” the woman wrote.

She started over-thinking and didn’t know what to expect. “I sat there, listening to my colleagues order their drinks while envisioning catching Tom red-handed with another woman who was bound to stroll in to meet him,” she wrote.

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Tom’s entire focus was on his phone. As she sipped her wine and waited to see if her husband would meet with another woman, she spotted a man entering the place and taking a seat next to Tom. The man had an envelope in his hand which he handed in to Tom.

Jane sat at another table, a bit closer to that of Tom and tried to cover her face with the menu as she struggled to see what was in the envelope. Although she couldn’t see very clear, she did notice Tom holding photos of her. On one of them, she recognized herself in a green coat she sometimes wore. But why would her husband be given photos of her by another man.

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It was then that things started to make sense.

The man with the envelope was a private investigator who was trying to frame her an affair with someone. The reason why was that Tom was likely having an affair himself, but their prenup said that if one of them is caught cheating, the marriage ends and the other person is entitled to all their shared belongings.

“I was beside myself with rage and betrayal. But I wanted to let him play out his little game. Tom filed for divorce a week or so after that unfortunate lunch. I was sure he felt triumphant, thinking he had all the evidence he needed to get the big payout,” Jane explained in her post.

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Tom was totally unaware that the courtroom would turn into a stage for a showdown between them both.

“He presented his carefully crafted narrative, running his hands through his hair the entire time. It was an annoying habit of his, but he thought it made him charming. I sat quietly, waiting for his performance to be over.

“Then, it was my time.

“I presented all my counter-evidence with confidence. The courtroom was my playground; I had no reason to be anything less than bold.

“Tom’s plan had backfired spectacularly, and I knew Karma had taken over.”

Jane walked out of the courtroom with her head held high knowing she was now free and got exactly what she wished for.

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Although she was now alone, she was stronger, wiser, and free from a very toxic marriage that was based on lies.

“And this was just a lunch date with work colleagues. And you know? I didn’t even get my calamari and garlic bread,” she ended her post and asked social media users if they would do the same thing if they were her.

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