Вт. Июн 25th, 2024

I have absolutely no trouble with admitting that I’m not a fan of creepy crawlies in my house. During the course of the winter months, it feels like I’m constantly checking areas of my home for spiders and the likes – I don’t intend to harm them or anything, I just want to know what room they’re in so that I can stay out of it.

You’ll forgive me, then, for practically jumping with fright when I saw a particular image doing the rounds on Facebook. It concerns a strange-looking “egg” that had supposedly formed in one woman’s home, and it spawned all manner of guesses as to what it actually was.

In the end the apparent mystery behind this “egg” was solved, but not before getting a good amount of people speculating online.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be all too familiar with that heart-in-mouth feeling that comes whenever you see a large spider sharing your residence.

Ever since I was a young boy, I can remember having a strong aversion for our eight-legged friends, just the same as I’ll actively run away from bees, wasps, and certain species of aggressive ants.

Now I’m well aware that spiders pose little threat to me – thankfully I don’t live in a country where accidentally tangling with spiders can prove fatal – but that fact hardly makes me more courageous.

Credit / Reddit

With that in mind, I’d ask you to spare a thought for me after I saw an image posted to Facebook that was almost enough to bring bile to my throat.

It concerned a supposed “egg” that one woman had found in her home, at the corner point where her walls and ceilings met. Indeed, a lot of people who left comments on the original post were sure that it had to be a large spider’s egg – thereby containing lots of spider babies.

The woman who uploaded the photo claimed to have no idea what the strange yellow ball was. Neither did she know if there could be more tucked away in the deeper, darker parts of her home.

Credit / Shutterstock – Kyrylo Ryzhov

Ultimately, however, the mystery behind the “egg” was rather more predictable, bland, and, well… boring than many perhaps would have liked.

As per reports, the woman’s father eventually came round to visit, and was able to say without a second glance that the “egg” was nothing more than expanding foam used on the house’s roof. (You can imagine the sigh of relief I breathed when I got to that part)

Did you know that this was expanding foam just by looking at it? I had no clue! Let us know thoughts in the comments.

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