Вт. Июн 25th, 2024

A woman shared her experience from March 17, 2022, on Reddit’s “AITA” community, where she questioned the appropriateness of her actions at a neighborhood restaurant. Celebrating their anniversary, she and her husband dined at their regular spot, where she, intending to foot the bill, felt the bartender consistently directed conversations and gratitude solely toward her spouse.

Feeling undervalued, she left a substantial $30 tip along with the bill, but the bartender thanked only her husband. Frustrated, she confronted the bartender, expressing discontent and promptly leaving.

On the ride home, her husband criticized her for causing discomfort, assuming the bartender thought he was the payer.

Seeking opinions on Reddit, the majority sided with the woman, labeling her “NTA” (Not The A**hole). Many deemed the bartender’s behavior impolite and questioned the appropriateness of the tip.

Some speculated on the possibility of the bartender flirting with the husband, adding complexity to the situation.

As you consider this scenario, what are your thoughts on the bartender’s behavior, tipping etiquette, and how you might handle a similar situation?