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If you are uncertain whether something you did was right or wrong, you can always turn to Reddit and ask fellow users to provide you with their unbiased opinion. The AITA subreddit forum became quite popular, and people share their everyday stories, some crazier than the others.

A 27-year-old woman shared a story of how she and her mother-in-law got into a fight over the restaurant’s bill.

As OP explained, she’s a rather tiny woman with a very fast metabolism, but that doesn’t mean she eats little food. On the contrary, her meals are usually rather large because her work with horses requires a lot of energy and stamina.

One Friday night, her in-laws invited her and her husband to dinner, and knowing that her mother-in-law always makes rude comments about her eating, OP usually has something to eat before she even meets her, but this time she didn’t have the time.

That day, she only had breakfast at six in the morning and up until they arrived to the restaurant, OP didn’t have anything to eat, not even a snack so she was really hungry.

Once at the restaurant, OP ordered a large portion of steak which came with prawns, bacon, and two other side dishes. However, despite the size, the dish wasn’t the most expensive one on the menu. What’s most, what the mother-in-law ordered was even more expensive.

“My MIL started making comments [about] how I shouldn’t be ordering what I can’t eat since even her husband wouldn’t be able to finish the dish, let alone someone my size,” OP wrote. She didn’t say anything, just told her MIL that if she couldn’t finish her dish she would take the leftovers.

As she was hungry, OP ate everything, but that only made her MIL angry. She accused OP for “putting on a show” and looking for attention.

Further, MIL said that because of what she ordered, OP made everyone at the table uncomfortable, refusing to pay for half of the bill as agreed in advance.

“I said we are absolutely not covering the entire bill since it was meant to be split equally and reminded her of the dishes she ordered, that were significantly more expensive compared to my steak (including her starter),” OP wrote.

The woman’s husband stood by her side and believed that his mother did need to pay for half of the bill, but that’s not what the rest of the family thought. In the days to come, some of them sent OP articles about excessive eating.

Redditors, as expected, sided with OP.

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