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Palmistry or chiromancy are the extravagant names for palm reading. This practice is utilized for characterization and foretelling the future. A few actualities you have to think about palm reading are:

It started in India inside Hindu astrology, and proceeded onward to China
Egypt and Ancient Greece additionally embraced it

Alexander the Great utilized it to find out about the character of his officers
In spite of the fact that palm reading differs by society, there are some general tenets inside it that can be found over the Globe for individuals who practise it.

One of them is about the conviction of what the letter M implies, on the off chance that it shows up on your palm. It is the consequence of your head line, heart line, and life line consolidating to make a M; which connotes fortune.

Individuals who have the letter M on their palm are said to be very intuitive and have a skill for business. It additionally implies wealth.

They are also very honest people who also expect honesty in turn. Because they are so intuitive, they will usually find out if someone has lied to them.

Women with the letter M on their palm are said to have a stronger level of intuition than men. Many prophets and great leaders in history apparently had the letter M on their palm.


So if you look down to your palm and see the letter M, you should know that you are a special person who can achieve great things in life. Lucky you.

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