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A man whose wife worked from home frequently hosted her high-school ex at their residence since they shared a similar professional field. The husband was indifferent to this arrangement until a particular incident caught his attention. In response, he purchased two cameras and installed them in the house. Here’s what happened next.

On July 23, 2020, an anonymous male user, ThrowRaTooka, recounted his experience in the “Relationship Advice” subreddit. His job demanded him to be away while his 27-year-old wife worked from home. During this period, the man’s wife openly discussed her friendship with a high school ex who frequently visited.
Initially, the husband, 29, had no qualms, assuming they were collaborating due to the similarity in their professions. However, a particular incident angered him, prompting him to seek guidance on Reddit regarding how to handle the situation.

Despite the original poster’s wife assuring him that there was no romantic connection between her and the ex since their breakup around ten years ago, he remained convinced. Initially comfortable with the ex’s presence while working with his wife, the husband had no objections.
However, over time, OP became accustomed to seeing the ex more frequently at home. A few weeks later, he observed his wife and her ex spending more time together, engaging in activities like playing board games, making drinks, and having meals together. This shift in their interactions started to feel peculiar to him.

At this point, OP’s instincts came into play. For some reason, he sensed that his wife was giving her ex a significant amount of attention and seemingly enjoying their time together more. Despite these feelings, he maintained a composed demeanor. However, the breaking point occurred when he came home one day and witnessed his wife resting her head on her ex’s lap while they watched TV on the couch.

What Did OP Do after His Wife’s Ex Left?

OP was fuming and waited until the guy left. Upon his departure, he confronted his wife, expressing his discontent with their inappropriate behavior. Overwhelmed by emotions, he unleashed a torrent of frustrations during this outburst. However, the outcome was unsurprising—OP’s wife grew annoyed at the suspicion, vehemently denying any intentions of infidelity and swearing never to cheat on him.
OP’s wife’s face turned pale as she grasped that he had discovered the truth.

As the argument escalated, OP firmly declared that the ex was not welcome to visit again. Despite his wife’s fury, she ultimately acquiesced to this decision. Although OP found the situation dubious, he reluctantly pushed aside his doubts and apologized when his wife insisted that she hadn’t seen her ex in a while.
For the next few days, OP’s wife remained hostile. Smitten by confusion and some of the worst fears building around trust issues, he asked Reddit, “How do I make things better? Is she cheating? How do I handle things between her and this friend?”

“No no no….boundaries are being crossed. It is not appropriate, and she knows it. Would she be okay if the situation was reversed?” asserted user FormerlyTipsy in the post’s most top-voted comment. While several people advised OP to look deeper into the matter, Redditor 4three2one- shed light on a worst-case scenario, suggesting:

“You should install cameras. He’s probably just leaving before you get home.”
OP’s Plan

After sifting through the helpful responses, OP grew suspicious that his wife’s ex might be visiting during the day and leaving before his return. In an attempt to unravel the mystery, he took a decisive step and installed hidden cameras in the living room and bedroom.

“The first day they were set up I saw nothing unusual. The second day was when it happened. The ex came over,” recalled OP. He saw them work for a while, after which the ex became “pretty touchy” with OP’s wife. Consequently, he witnessed intimate moments between them in the bedroom.

Experiencing a blend of shock, anger, and pain, OP confronted his wife once more, questioning if she had been involved with someone else. Predictably, she denied any such involvement. However, in a heated moment, he revealed the existence of the hidden cameras.
OP’s wife’s face turned pale as she grasped that he had discovered the truth. In a dramatic turn, she immediately burst into tears, attempting to conceal the extent of the situation.

Remaining resolute, OP insisted that his wife leave. As the moments passed, he came to the realization that divorce was the only viable option. However, his wife disagreed and suggested couples counseling as a last attempt before making a final decision. Despite his skepticism about its efficacy, OP reluctantly agreed but remained steadfast in his determination to consult with a divorce attorney.

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