Пт. Июл 12th, 2024

In a Reddit post, a user shared a controversial story about inheriting her late husband’s assets. Married for 20 years, the woman’s husband succumbed to cancer, leaving behind two children from a previous marriage and her own 7-year-old from a prior relationship.

Despite her desire to be a family with her husband’s children, they never accepted her and consistently treated her rudely. The children believed she was after their father’s money, although she asserted her family was wealthier than her late husband’s. She chose to stay home and care for her daughter, never discussing her financial situation with her husband or his children, aiming to be treated for who she was, not her wealth.

When her husband battled cancer, his children refused to stay with him, leaving the woman and her daughter to cope. A 20-year-old waitress from a nearby café, a single mother attending community college at night, provided considerable help during this challenging time.

After the husband’s demise, the woman discovered he left his house, valued at $250,000, to her. However, she chose to give the house to the young single mother who had supported them, contributing to funeral arrangements and displaying genuine care.

The woman’s daughter, upset about receiving nothing, was informed that she already had her mother’s money, and the house did not belong to her father. The ex-wife and children created a dramatic scene, expressing strong disapproval of the woman’s decision.

Reddit users, after reading the post, generally sided with her actions, asserting that the children did not deserve their father’s money.