Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

In a world that would be a slightly less cozy place without animals, there are unfortunately many instances of cruelty towards these wonderful beings. Such was the case for Julian, a dog found abandoned and alone on the streets, in such a dire state that it was challenging to discern his true species.

Julian’s entire body was covered in severe matting, hindering his ability to walk comfortably. The identity of those who callously left this poor dog to his fate remains unknown, but the ones who stepped up to save him are well known.

Valia Orfanidou, an advocate for animal welfare working with Save Greek Stray, discovered Julian on the streets. Upon seeing the badly maltreated pup, she immediately resolved to do everything in her power to save his life.

Youtube / The Orphan Pet

Upon securing Julian’s safety, he underwent an immediate examination, revealing that his challenges extended beyond his matted fur. The unfortunate dog was diagnosed with cataracts, partial deafness, and a heart condition.

Despite his poor health, Julian displayed a remarkable zest for life, prompting Valia to commit to providing him with a life filled with care and affection.

Trimming away the troubles

The task ahead was daunting, particularly the need to remove all the matting and soiled fur. This mission was far from easy, as everything from feces to gigantic insects had nestled within the mats, creating an unbearable stench.

It took Valia and her colleagues four hours to strip away all the fur, but the transformation was nothing short of astonishing. Beneath the tangled mess, no one could have anticipated the incredibly cute little dog that was hiding.

Youtube / The Orphan Pet

From a distance, people passing through the clinic where Julian received care continuously inquired about the furry mass, unable to discern it was a dog due to the obscured face.

Post-rescue, Julian’s fur has grown out to be white and fluffy. Despite being the kindest companion, his age and various medical conditions have posed challenges in finding him a new home.

We wish Julian all the best and hope he finds his person for life. Until then, he remains in the care of Valia and other animal rescuers at the shelter.

Witness Julian’s heartwarming transformation in the video below: