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Christie and Alex had been married for over a decade, but they never had children.

Instead, they poured all their energy into their careers during this time, but that also meant they began to grow more distant.

Traditionally, on occasions such as Valentine’s Day and their anniversary, Alex and Christie would dine at a simple restaurant. But over the years, these outings had become more of a routine than romantic moments, and Christie yearned for something more.

Christie’s lifelong dream was to explore the world, immerse herself in different cultures, and make unforgettable memories. With no children to tie them down, she envisioned this dream as a way to strengthen their bond.

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However, Alex consistently declined her travel proposals, saying it would be too expensive and that they should save money for their retirement. As such, Christie’s once-vibrant love began to wane as she felt her life becoming a mundane routine of work and sleep.

Tragedy struck when Alex was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, forcing Christie to confront her fading affections while dealing with the fact his days with her were now limited.

One day, on her way home from work, Christie received a call from the hospital. The nurse’s voice was grave: “Mrs. Carson, your husband is not in good condition. It’s best you head over here immediately.”

Christie rushed to the hospital, emotions overcoming her, and wondered where their relationship had gone wrong. When she arrived, Alex was barely able to speak, but he tried to convey his feelings.

“Christie, I know I didn’t get to prove this to you, but I want you to know that I love you more than anything in the world. I realized at one point that this love might not be mutual between us,” he said to her.

His labored breathing couldn’t hide the pain behind his words. Tears welled in Christie’s eyes as he continued: “I do love you, Christie, and I didn’t expect to leave this world so early. I had so many things planned for us.”

Alex reached out for her hand, and Christie grasped it as he went on: “These are my last hours, and there’s nothing more I’d like than to spend them with you. And when I die, I’d like to bring a piece of you with me. So please, at my funeral, please put something in my pocket of yours so that I can keep it forever.”

Overwhelmed, Christie replied: “I promise to do that, Alex. Don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of myself. You rest easy and watch over me from up there.”

During their final hours together, they listened to music, relived cherished memories, and sat in comforting silence. As night fell, Alex gently closed his eyes and never woke up.

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At his funeral, Christie placed her locket in his coat pocket, a sweet symbol of their love. Inside his pocket, she found a note in Alex’s handwriting that read:

Dear Christie,

I’ve loved you all my life, and I’m glad that it’s you I chose to spend the rest of my life with. I am sorry that in the process of wanting to prove my love to you, I forgot to live in the present, and because of that, somewhere along the way, we became distant.

I remember when we were younger, you’d talk about your life-long dream of putting up a cafe by the ocean, where you could bake your delicious cake recipes and serve hearty meals to customers. I never forgot about this, so every day, that was my motivation to work so hard. I’m sorry that it took up all of my time that I neglected you in the process.

I was so close to watching you fulfill this dream, Christie. In my safe, there is a bank passbook under your name. There, I’ve saved up enough money for you to open your business. There is also an envelope in there with documents for the purchase of a plot of land with a small cottage overlooking the sea. This is where you can put up your cafe.

I didn’t plan to leave the earth so early. I wanted to open this cafe with you. I am sorry I a won’t be there with you as you make this a reality, but know I am always with you in mind and spirit.

I love you with all my heart, eternally. Alex.

Christie was so moved, and wished she could turn back time. She prayed to Alex, spoke to him about his unfulfilled dreams, and gradually found the strength to move forward.

In memory of her beloved husband, Christie launched “Uncle Alex’s Seaside Cafe” – fulfilling of her lifelong dream. It served as a testament to enduring love and a reminder that sometimes it takes a heart-wrenching loss to rekindle the fires of love and ambition.

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