Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

At first, Somai disregarded the lump on his throat because he believed it to be an enlarged thyroid gland. He did this for twenty years.

The patient, who was 55 years old, made the difficult decision to seek medical attention, and when he did, the physicians who examined him discovered that he had a submandibular tumor.

Surgeons carefully removed the tumor from his neck over the course of roughly four hours of their time.

In the coming days, the farmer who hails from Basti in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India will be released from the medical facility where he has been staying.

“The patient visited our out patients’ department on July 12, and we admitted him,” Dr. Onkar Vedak, who was a member of the surgical team at King George’s Medical University Hospital in Lucknow, said.

“After reviewing the results of the scans, we came to the conclusion that the growth should be removed as soon as possible. The operation took place the following day, on July 13.”

The carotid arteries are key blood vessels in the neck that provide blood to the brain, neck, and face. “It was a sub-mandibular tumor and was pressing hard on the carotid arteries,” the doctor said.