Пн. Май 27th, 2024

Joey, a teenager with big dreams, left his rural home to chase his ambitions, leaving a note for his mom, Flora, behind. He wanted to become a doctor, but Flora’s attachment to the farm kept him from staying. Despite his love for her, Joey felt he had to go.

In the city, Joey faced challenges. His friend helped him find a job, but expenses piled up quickly. He struggled to make ends meet and feared calling Flora, worrying she’d convince him to come back.

One winter day, Joey met Mr. Clark, who offered him a scholarship to study medicine. Overwhelmed by the opportunity, Joey hesitated to contact Flora, wanting to have more to share with her.

Thirteen years passed before Joey returned home, hoping to reunite with Flora. Instead, he found the house deserted. Panicked, he searched for her, finding only a half-burnt letter expressing Flora’s longing for him.

With the help of a neighbor, Joey learned Flora was in the hospital. Reunited, they shared tears of joy and apologies. Joey recounted his journey, including his success as a doctor and plans to rebuild the farm. Flora agreed to move in with him, cherishing their reunion after years apart.