Пн. Апр 22nd, 2024

Once, my neighbor asked me to watch her six kids. She often did this to the neighbors, and I usually said no. But this time, she left them at my door, saying she’d be back Sunday. I got worried.

I messaged her, but she didn’t reply. So, I called her and said I might have to call Child Services if she didn’t return soon. She claimed she was far away and couldn’t come back.

She even suggested I drop them off at another neighbor’s, Jennifer, who wasn’t well. I got anxious, so I called Child Services. They came and took the kids.

Later, my husband, who was in foster care, got mad. He said I shouldn’t have taken the kids in or called Child Services so quickly. He thought I should’ve followed what the mom said.

He blamed me for separating the kids from their mom and worried about their well-being in foster care. He shared his tough experiences in foster care and worried about what might happen to the kids.

I felt terrible. I couldn’t sleep and wondered if I did the right thing. Maybe I should tell Child Services I made a mistake and try to make it up to the kids. I didn’t realize foster care could be so tough.

It was a tough situation, and I wasn’t sure what to do next.