Пн. Май 20th, 2024

Princess Kate is set for a new private secretary as she continues to recuperate at Adelaide Cottage, it has been claimed.

Last month, the Princess of Wales underwent “successful” abdominal surgery at The London Clinic, and is now resting at home.

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According to reports in The Times, Lieutenant Colonel Tom White, Queen Elizabeth II’s former equerry, has been appointed as Kate’s private secretary.

The princess has been without a private secretary for over a year.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate is set to fill the post for her private secretary

Kate reportedly invited White to join her at a public engagement towards the end of 2023 to see what the job entails.

The previous person tipped to take the role was Alison Corfield, described as a “straight-talking” brand management expert.

White worked for the late Queen Elizabeth II until her death in September 2022.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom White [left] welcoming former PM Liz Truss to Balmoral