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Gabby, a young woman, found herself sitting at the lawyer’s office together with her three siblings, Maya, Tasmin, and Robert. They were all eager to hear their late mother’s final wish as her will was about to be read.

The lawyer handed all four of them envelops. When Gabby’s siblings opened them, they each found a one-dollar bill inside.

Confusion, shock, and disbelief was what they all felt. Unaware of what was going on, they all looked at Gabby who still had her envelop in her hands. Without even opening it, she knew she didn’t receive a dollar-bill like her siblings. She could feel there was a folded letter inside the envelop.


However, before she could even read it, her sister Maya snatched it from her hand. “What the hell, Gabby?” she blurted out, making the lawyer gasp.

“You guys,” she said, looking at Tasmin and Robert. “This letter says that Mom left everything to Gabby. Her entire estate, the house, and some secret savings account. Really, Gabby? Because you were ‘the only one who cared?’”

As of Gabby, her sister’s words crushed her. She never intended to be the golden child, she just felt it was natural for her to be by her mom’s side when she fell ill and never respected any payout in return.

She, as well as her siblings made their choices, and Gabby’s was to take care of her mother.


Maya had to children, Tasmin was always working overtime, and Robert never cared about family time.

Their mother’s choice to leave everything to Gabby was an act of thank you for her dedication and love, and the dollar bills her siblings received was a tough reminder of what they hadn’t given their mom while she was still alive; their time.

The letter felt like burning coal in Gabby’s hands. She said, “I didn’t ask for this. Listen! I need you to understand me.”

But her siblings were mad at her and ignored her pleads.


In order to make things right, Gabby then suggested, “Let’s split Mom’s savings evenly. Not to blow up on lavish and unnecessary things, but as a safety net for each of us.”

Her siblings agreed. They all went to the bank together and got it all sorted out.

Gabby wrote that she believed her mom’s lesson wasn’t about who cared the most but about understanding what she was feeling during her last moments.


The four siblings eventually learned a valuable lesson, that family should always come first. They agreed to have monthly gatherings and remained close.

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