Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

Mary Grams lost her something while she was working in her garden 15 years ago. She has lost her diamond engagement ring and she was never able to find it. It is unbelievable to know where the ring was eventually found. When her daughter in law was working outdoors she found her ring back while she was digging up carrots for dinner.

She was surprised to see the ring once she pulled a carrot from the ground. Colleen found the ring, which was perfectly encircled the carrot. If we don’t know anything about the ring, we would have assumed that the carrot was getting ready for a wedding. Mary thought she lost the ring forever and she was stunned to find the ring.

As we are done searching at that point, the things that we are trying to find tend to be in the last place that we look. This is one of the most incredible stories that we have seen after a long time as the ring found during a dig. It is also surprised to found it perfectly encircled the carrot.

Since 1951, the ring had been in Mary’s possession. Her husband Norman gave her the ring and also got a replacement after losing it in 1966. As she was worried about the potential backlash she did not tell Norman what happened. Mary is currently residing in Alberta while the family farm in Armena is still happening.

For 100 years the farm has been in the family. As soon as Colleen found the ring, she realized that the ring had to belong to one of her family members. She is still going to wear the ring back on while Mary’s husband Norman had passed on. The most surprising thing is that the ring still remains a perfect fit. It’s an amazing story.

Congrats to Mary and Colleen for being able to locate this prized possession once again.