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This girl started her career as a child model and had a complicated relationship with her mom, who also acted as her manager for some time.

She once received a ring from the “King of Pop” and said he wished to adopt a child with her.

After surviving her fair share of heartbreaks and struggles, she’s now married to a “funny” man who works behind the camera.

The girl in May 1978 | Source: Getty Images

Beyond the glitz and glam of Hollywood, there’s a world that not many stars like to visit quite often—their lives before they gained stardom. This girl began her life as a child model in the 1970s, utterly oblivious to the kind of work she would be exposed to at the time.

In 1975, the then-10-year-old girl participated in a nude photo shoot for Playboy, and the pictures were eventually published several years later. She later revealed how her mother, who once acted as her manager, was responsible for her involvement in nude photoshoots.

The girl, now a beloved Hollywood star, later revealed that she made the decision to sue Playboy and the photographer who took her nude pictures and waited to release them until she became famous.

Despite going through trying times, the girl ended up growing into a confident and resilient woman who finally found some stability in her personal life when she met the love of her life. Today, she’s a shining Hollywood diva and a mother to two children.

Who Is This Girl?

The girl we’re talking about is none other than Brooke Shields, known for her timeless beauty and her stunning looks. Born on May 31, 1965, she’s known for her epic performances in movies such as “Pretty Baby,” “Endless Love,” “The Bachelor,” “Freeway,” and many others.

As she waited for an Uber, she started feeling unwell, prompting concern from those around her.

Although Shields enjoys worldwide recognition and fame, she’s faced numerous troubles in her personal life. Her mom, Teri Shields, raised her as a single parent. “The Blue Lagoon” alum noted how she had a tumultuous relationship with her mother.

“[My mom] had this like crazy justification for things. She believed that as long as she was in my personal life, keeping me safe and virginal and pure and all that, that she was sparing me,” she expressed in an April 2023 interview.

Years earlier, in December 2014, Shields appeared on “The Queen Latifah Show” to talk about her memoir “There Was a Little Girl,” in which she explored her relationship with her mom, who was an addict and passed away in 2012.

The “Gone But Not Forgotten” star noted how her mother was amazing and had a vibrant nature but also had a scarred and dark side, which often overshadowed her personality. In the 1990s, Shields made the tough decision to divorce her mom and fire her as her manager.

Brooke Shields’ Relationship with the “King of Pop”

What many might not know about Shields is her connection to Michael Jackson, which she said was often taken out of proportion. In an interview in 1993, the “Sahara” alum shared that she had known Jackson ever since she was 14 and the two became fast friends.

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson on February 26, 1993, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

When asked if they ever had a romantic relationship, Shields clarified that Jackson was just a very close friend, and she often found it hard to explain their bond. “I find it’s a love on a different level. I feel closer to him than some of the boyfriends that I’ve ever had,” she expressed.

Shields also admitted that the megastar gifted her a ring. “He gave me the most incredibly beautiful ring than you can ever imagine,” she recalled. However, she said Jackson’s sweet gesture was misinterpreted, with many thinking it was an engagement ring when, in reality, it was only a friendship band.

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson on February 24, 1993, in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

According to Shields, the music maestro even brought up adoption. “At one point, he said we should adopt a child, we should adopt a child and raise a child together,” the actress recounted. She also recalled how Jackson always wanted to be seen with her and even told Oprah Winfrey that they were dating. However, Shields maintained that despite his repeated claims, they were never romantically connected and had always been good friends.

How Was Brooke Shields Connected to Dean Cain?

While Jackson was busy telling the world he and Shields were romantically involved, she had already fallen for Dean Cain, the actor who would later play Clark Kent/Superman in the TV show “Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman.” The two became close while attending Princeton.

In her teen memoir, “The Brooke Book,” Shields penned how she lost her virginity to her college beau when she was just 22. The actress said her mom encouraged her to include this part in the book. The “Wanda Nevada” alum recollected how she and Cain were crazy for each other, holding hands and sharing kisses all the time.

Dean Cain and Brooke Shields on November 9, 1995, in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

In 2014, Shields phoned Cain and told him about the memorable chapter she had added to her memoir. The “Vendetta” actor expressed he had no issues as long as his former girlfriend was comfortable with it. Shields later called her ex a “sweet human being.”

What Happened between Brooke Shields and Liam Neeson?

In her memoir, “There Was a Little Girl,” Shields revealed that she was also romantically connected to Liam Neeson. They dated in 1992 after she ended things with Cain. Shields was impressed by Neeson’s status as a movie star and admired his Irish accent. Their relationship became serious quickly, and Neeson even proposed to Shields, without a ring, after just three months.

Liam Neeson and Brooke Shields on February 24, 1992, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

The pair spent Christmas together that year in New York, and later in the evening, Neeson told Brooke that he had to go to Los Angeles. Shields asked him to inform her over the phone once he reached LA, but he never made that call.

Astonishingly, Neeson proposed to Shields again after he stood her up the first time. But this time, she knew better and refused his second proposal, predicting that he would end up falling for his next leading lady and marry her. Time proved how right Shields was when Neeson wed Natasha Richardson in 1994.

Brooke Shields’ Love and Family Life Today

In 1997, Shields wed tennis star Andre Agassi. Sadly, their union didn’t prove long-lasting, and the two called it quits in 1999. Shortly after her divorce was finalized, the Hollywood beauty started dating Chris Henchy, a movie director, producer, and screenwriter.

In an exclusive November 2023 interview, Shields shed light on how she met Henchy while ending things with her first husband. She recalled it as a difficult time because she was struggling health-wise and dealing with a lot, especially with her dad falling sick and her best friend’s sudden death. “I was at this level, and he was unfazed. He was so funny and so smart, and I just fell into him but never turned into anybody for him,” said Shields of Henchy.

Before walking down the aisle in April 2001, Shields broke up with Henchy once, saying their breakup was ignited by her fear that she was on the rebound. However, the pair eventually got back together after Shields realized she couldn’t do without talking to Henchy.

“I was calling him all the time, and he said, ‘You broke up with me, this is the way it works. You don’t get to call me every day, because you broke up with me. So don’t call me every day,’” recalled Shields. When Henchy told her things couldn’t work the way she wanted, Shields ended up realizing, “I don’t want to lose this person, so I better behave.”

Two years after tying the knot, the couple became parents to their first daughter, Rowan, who’s now 19. In 2006, they welcomed another girl, Grier, now 16. The pair have been married for 22 years, and Shields credits her husband’s sense of humor as the key to their relationship’s success.