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Even though the internet isn’t always reliable, it’s still a great resource for anyone looking for general information. For instance, there is a subreddit for just about anything you can imagine, including people looking for guidance on a variety of unusual items. These are 10 strange things that baffled people.

1. Strange Objects at the Beach

Photo Credit:  OpenMagazine8906 | Reddit

This strange tube that resembled glass was discovered in Nags Beach in North Carolina a few years ago. Consequently, the finder posted a request on Reddit for assistance in deciphering the bizarre object’s mystery. It was proposed that they were stingray teeth. It was also revealed that stingrays experience tooth loss and then regeneration, just like many other living things. Even while it seems most likely, many were shocked beyond belief. “I had no idea about this! Even at this age, I had no idea that stingrays had “teeth.” One user left a comment. Another, meanwhile, was more worried with the bravery of the OP. They wrote, “I shudder at the thought of you sticking your finger in it. It freaks me out.”

2. Strange Objects Can Be Useful

Photo Credit: LardLad00 | Reddit

Someone who had just bought a lake house sent the picture above. Three unusual items that were described as a “Criss-Cross Stack of Corrugated Pipes” were discovered by them. Bricks were used to weigh down the pipes after they had been covered with plastic netting. These odd things are called fish cribs, and they have two main uses. They first provide a refuge for young fish to hide from predators. Secondly, in an attempt to feed on lesser fish, they draw lunkers, or large fish.

3. Strange Objects can be Lethal

Photo Credit: u/eag118 | Reddit

This fuzzy-looking thing was posted by another Reddit user, who was left baffled by its growth in their home. Although it looks like something right out of a children’s story, it’s actually much more sinister. Evidently, this growth was an incredibly toxic form of mold. However, this hasn’t been confirmed.

“Years ago, when my daughter was a newborn and upstairs apartment also had a newborn and they were constantly sick. Long story short, the upstairs baby boy passed away from a toxic mold [just like that which grew in the vents.] The coroner said if a healthy body builder huge man touched a piece of that mold it’s 9/10 fatal.” Commented a user who urged the OP to cleanse their lungs and contact their doctor. Fortunately, the OP did follow up to explain that it was indeed mold, that the landlord had taken care of it, and that there have been no other concerns since.

4. Sunshine in a Sphere

Photo Credit: Jolly-Challenge-3924 | Reddit

Apparently, this strange, yet beautiful, object is called a Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder. It works by burning a “track” on a card to show the hours, and how brightly the sun shone.

5. Potentially Harmful, Definitely Repulsive

Photo Credit: u/BuddyBloomfield | Reddit

The response to this inquiry is both unappealing and enough to make one rethink dining out, especially at fast food chains or gas stations. Someone thoroughly explained that they’d previously cleaned and serviced food and beverage machines professionally. As such, they had a lot to say. Firstly, according to the comment, “the majority of restaurants and gas stations don’t clean their ice machines very often.” They “highly recommended” the OP should avoid consuming the ice. Lastly, they note that a clear slime from an ice machine indicates it’s recently been cleaned. However, the slime will turn pink and eventually black over time. This experience proves that avoiding strange objects can often be the best decision.

6. Torture Device or Confectioner’s Dream

Photo Credit: u/maybetwobabka | Reddit

Although this might seem like a torture device, or a home improvement tool of some sort, it’s actually almost the opposite. Instead, it’s a tool for creating happiness, making spun sugar.

7. Seemingly Mystical Strange Objects

Photo Credit:SpriteUnicorn | Reddit

As it turns out, the answer to this corundum is not only not as exciting as the notions of a fairy tale but also potentially hazardous. One user explained that the purple smoke coming from the chimney actually happens when “rubbish” that contains high amounts of iodine is burnt.

8. Strange Objects Resemble Machines of the Past

Photo Credit: Choesr | Reddit

This seemingly old machine is described by the OP as a “Black steel briefcase, with the motor.” They explained that the strange object had “some kind of infeed control” and an electrical connection. Next, they also estimate it weighs around 30 pounds. Interestingly, an old key cutter was a common answer. “Could be an old key cutter but don’t know for sure.” One commentor shared. While another agreed, “portable key-cutter. Yeah, I’m thinking that the bit at the top left is the bracket that holds the keys. It gets moved to the post at the bottom right.

However, a tool that would help polish other tools was also suggested. “The spinning wheel is a polishing disk; the hole is for a stick of polishing compound. The tool rest in the upper left comes off and slides onto the post to the right of the wheel. The adjustment is a very fine adjustment for the angle of the wheel,” one user explained. Another thought the same, offering a more thorough explanation,“Agreed; the jig holding the carbide lathe bit definitely mounts onto the post to the right of the small spinning wheel and allows achieving the very precise combinations of angles needed to form the correct tool bit geometry.” They commented, explaining that the tool was probably from the 40s or 50s.

9. Spoons can be Strange Objects too

Photo Credit: BlackTailedPikachu | Reddit

Although the OP had some say that this strange object was a spoon, they were puzzled about why it had a jagged edge. There were several suggested reasons like it’s a “cucumber server,” “berry spoon,” or “seafood spoon.” While the answers are seemingly divided, one thing is unanimous, it relates to food in some way. According to Ebay, it’s a Vintage Rogers & Hamilton Cucumber Server.

10. Mysterious and Practical

Photo Credit: Strwbrrybby | Reddit

Someone else turned to Reddit’s expertise in search of an answer regarding this strange object owned by the OP’s grandmother. She shares that although her grandmother doesn’t know what it is, she does know “it’s older than her.” Apparently, the box was owned by the OP’s great-great-grandmother. Although she used it for dog food, someone thoughtfully commented the item is most likely a stock dispenser that was once used to store dry goods like coffee, beans, or grains. “Dog food? Sure, why not. I’d probably wash it out before you fill it with coffee, though.” They concluded in response to the OP’s question.

Unsurprisingly, the world is full of mysterious and strange objects. Luckily, Reddit is there to help us out.