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Austin and his 89-year-old great-grandma melted a lot of hearts that night.

Delores Dennison was never asked to prom. That’s because she left high school in West Virginia before graduating or the dance.
But thanks to her great-grandson, her prom dreams finally came true at the ripe age of 89.

19-year-old Austin Dennison asked his great-grandmother to be his date to his prom. She said yes!
YouTube — ABC News

“I asked Grandma if she would be my date to the prom and she said that she would be honored,” the high school football player told Times Bulletin. “I told her that it would be my privilege.”

Delores had recently suffered a heart attack and stroke.
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She promised her great-grandson that she would go to prom with him if she was well enough by the time the big day came around.
Thankfully Delores was feeling better.

So, she got to go all out for her prom. She went out and got herself a new dress and Austin even got her a pearl necklace to go with her outfit.

The evening began with Austin serenading his great-grandma with a song, “Iris” by the Goo Good Dolls.
Then they headed out to dinner at one of Delores’ favorite restaurants, Bob Evans.

Next, they took some photos before heading off to the dance.
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Once at the dance, they got to boogie down to a song that Dolores’ husband Edward sang to her when he was alive, Frank Sinatra’s “Delores.”
There was even a little competition on the dance floor.

One of Austin’s friends asked if he could cut in and dance with Delores.
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But Delores wasn’t having it. She was a little too tired to dance and needed a break.
Austin said he got the idea to take Delores to the prom after hearing a story from his teacher about someone doing the same thing.

“Mr. Minnich told me that his older brother had taken his grandma to the prom,” Dennison said.

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Apparently, there was a standing ovation when the Dennisons stepped out onto the dance floor.

“We got home shortly after 9 p.m., later than I go to bed these days,” Delores told Times Bulletin. “He was so good; he got me a pearl necklace.”

Both Delores and Austin said they had the time of their lives.

For the great-grandma, it was a magical evening she’d never experienced. She told ABC News:

“I really don’t even remember having proms. You know, just getting over the depression and all of that. I can’t even remember one, but even if there was one, I couldn’t have afforded to go.”

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The night couldn’t have been more perfect for either of them. Austin said that he feels blessed that he has grandparents and great-grandparents.

Especially ones that know as much as they do and have such great stories to tell. Austin and Delores’ big night on the town ended up going viral and was picked up by several news stations.
You can learn more about this heartwarming story in the video below!

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