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In a profoundly heart-touching video, an elderly man was captured sharing a few precious moments with his great-great-grandchild. As he lay in his bed looking extremely fragile, he couldn’t stop patting the baby, who kept gazing at him in complete adoration.

There’s something heartwarming about the beautiful connection grandparents share with their grandchildren. It’s this lovely bond that a family recorded in their camera and decided to share with the world, showcasing how genuine love can bind two people for the rest of their lives.

On September 19, 2016, a YouTube channel titled “Cadance’s Magical Adventures” posted a 17-second clip that instantly went viral, amassing an overwhelming response from people who were moved by the contents of the video.

The First Meeting

In the footage, an older man could be seen lying in his hospital bed, his frail stature preventing him from fully opening his eyes. Next to him lay a cute baby girl, his great-great-granddaughter, Cadance.

Both video clips were widely watched and received many comments from netizens far and wide.

A Poignant Moment

It wasn’t hard to guess from the short clip that the senior citizen wasn’t doing well health-wise. Little Cadance’s parents shared the video, and its caption was a bittersweet combination of happiness and deep sorrow. According to the description:

“First time she has met him. He woke up and wanted her to sit with him. It was so precious. We may not have him much longer and I want her to have something to remember him by.”

A Sweet Memory

Little Cadance’s first meeting with her beloved great-great-grandfather was a memorable moment that her family wished to capture and save so that they would always have it as a golden memory to look back on and cherish.

Since the older man had been unable to celebrate the baby girl’s arrival due to his ailment, his family organized the meet-up to offer him a chance to bond with the little girl. They brought Cadance to meet her great-great-grandpa when he woke up after being asleep for a few days.
The Second Video Clip

In a follow-up video posted on October 2, 2016, baby Cadance tried her best to get her great-great-granddad to talk and couldn’t comprehend why he wouldn’t look at her or respond to her message. The answer lay in the video’s description, which read:

“Her last visit, he was sedated. She didn’t understand why he wouldn’t talk to her. He passed away about two days after this video. R.i.p. we love you, and you will be missed (sic).”

Shortly after the second video was shared, Cadance’s great-great-grandfather died, leaving his loved ones in pieces. Both video clips were widely watched and received many comments from netizens far and wide.

Netizens React

As of December 1, 2022, the first video racked up over 23 million views, while the second clip garnered more than 44,000 views. Here’s what the YouTubers had to say about the priceless first meeting between the senior citizen and his precious great-great-grandkid:

We send our heartfelt prayers to Cadance’s family on their beloved granddad’s demise, and we’re glad they shared a special moment before the elderly man moved on to the next world. If you liked reading this story, don’t forget to share your feedback on Facebook.

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