Вт. Июл 16th, 2024

Recently, a video of crazy girls and boys dancing together at the Paris Jazz Roots Festival and making those crazy fast-foot moves impressed many people. However, most of the fans wondered what the name of the dance was.

Well, the name of the jazz dance move was Charleston. The authentic jazz dancing battle in Paris included different jazz moves, such as Charleston, soft shoe, black tap bottom, etc.

Most of the jazz dancers in the video performed the Charleston moves as they battled with one another. The Charleston was a famous dance form of the 1920s and was enjoyed by young women (flappers) and men of the 20s.

The Charleston moves involved fast swinging of the legs with massive hand movements. The jazz style became famous after it appeared with the song “The Charleston” by James P Johnson in “Runnin’ Wild” (1923).

Experts believed Charleston’s movements came from Nigeria, Ghana, or Trinidad. Its existence in the United States was in the Black communities in 1913 but got famous because of the musical “Runnin Wild.”

It was fun to find all the dancers dancing in sync with one another. It was elegance at its best. This proved music was all about joy, love, and harmony. The Charleston could be danced alone, with a partner, or in a group.

All these talented bunches of individuals enjoyed dancing together. The dance jam was all about people happily dancing and enjoying what they loved to do the most – dancing. Of course, all the dancers had their own way of dancing, but each was an inspiration to people who wanted to learn dance.