Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

PLASTIC surgery addict Mary Magdalene has unveiled her latest Barbie nose and cat eyes look.

The 25-year-old social media star boasted that her “new face” looks like a “forest fairy elf” as she showed off her latest procedures.


The heavily tattooed model from Toronto had her first cosmetic procedure aged 21 and last year had 5,000cc breast expanders to enlarge her already enormous 38J cup size .

Mary has already spent £75,000 on extreme plastic surgeries and posted a photo of herself with her face swollen and bandaged on Instagram over the weekend after her latest procedure

“My top lip is still not f***ing moving at all from the surgery!” she said in a short clip.

“It’s still swollen from the nose surgery, so even talking is weird.”

But despite the discomfort all seems to have gone as planned for her and she boasted “it looks perfect”.

“It’s a very fake-looking Barbie nose which is exactly what I asked for, and so many surgeons said it was not possible for me to have this type of nose because of my three prior nose jobs.”

Over the years Mary has gone under the knife to get a brow lift, fat transfers, multiple nose and boob jobs, veneers, liposuction, butt injections and three Brazilian butt lifts.

She reportedly flew to Russia for the latest surgeries because she was unable to get the extreme operations done in the United States.

And she revealed there is still more surgery to come.

“Next week I have my eyebrow transplant, jaw and lips booked then my face will be complete,’ she captioned the photo,” she said.

Mary last year revealed how she almost died during a procedure on her vagina.

“The most unusual operation I had was very recently, on my vagina” she revealed.

“I custom designed it, so I have the fattest in the world. I almost died during [the] procedure. I had to get two blood transfusions.

“The doctor said I was losing so much blood, and turning very pale. He thought I was going to die.”

Asked about her first surgery, she said: “It was a boob job. I was working as a stripper since I was 17, and I’ve always loved the fake bimbo look.”

And while she is proud of her striking appearance, she admits that some of the attention she gets is not always positive.

“People judge the hell out of you. They decide you’re a bad person. They can be really mean.”

PLASTIC FANTASTIC Surgery addict Mary Magdalene, 26, reveals latest post-op look with new ‘Barbie nose’ and ‘cat eyes’, https://www.instagram.com/1800leavemaryalone/