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One of the tiniest babies to survive a birth in the UK shares his father for the very first time in this heartwarming moment. When Macey Micklethwaite, a Worcester native, was born, she weighed only 551g and was hardly bigger than her father’s hand.

His father Rhys had been in a terrible motorcycle crash and just avoided death, which makes his survival all the more amazing.

So when mother Karen Dawkins learned she was 18 weeks along, the couple was ecstatic. After a few months, however, Karen gave birth prematurely, and the couple was informed by the physicians that their infant daughter had a poor chance of surviving.

She was the size of my hand when she was born. When I first saw the photos, I thought she didn’t appear like a newborn, but now I think, “Wow, what a baby.” She endured a lot. Mom said, “I’m lucky to have him.

Before she was ultimately permitted to return home, she was five months old. She weighed 8.5 pounds at the age of eight months, which is somewhat more than the typical weight of a full-term infant.

He’s merely a typical infant. Despite her diminutive size, she keeps up with the others. She is making progress in her development and health.

The family has received assistance from the non-profit organization Cots for Tots, which raises money for equipment that saves the lives of premature babies and offers free lodging for the parents and siblings of newborns at St. Michael’s.

She is now raising money for them because she is appreciative of the help she received.