Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

Dancing is different at different ages. On the threshold of old age, people seek greater interests. They strive to enjoy a more active and lively life.

They become curious about art and like to read books, listen to music and of course dance at this age. Ditmar and Nellie, a couple from Australia, were 70 years old, but they were young at heart and soul. They liked to dance together and make people and their relatives happy. .Ditmar and Nellie are professional dancers. They have been dancing for many years and have spent most of their lives on stage, which is why they stay young.

They were often invited to various competitions and won great victories. They happened in many places and left their mark on many people. Once they were invited to the party. As soon as the music started, the couple started dancing very energetically. Their dancing really impressed the publiс. So much energy and so much dedication to music and dancing at that age, it was truly wonderful. He was a couple who loved each other very much, whose goal was to stay young and lively through the scenic life.

It should be noted that it worked for them, since they were young at heart. Their dance was very sincere and exciting, but at the same time very lively and emotional. Few young people can even perform it with as much enthusiasm as the couple. After finishing the dance, there was applause and impressed cheers. The guests welcomed this flexibility with great enthusiasm and many even wanted to take pictures with them, as former professional representatives of the dance, who were masters of their work and who shone on stage. .