Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

Chaney Jones is now raper’s new girlfriend, and she is doing her best to be like Kim his ex-wife

This woman is raper’s latest date. This beauty is a model, she is 24 years old.
People usually compare this woman with the raper’s ex-wife.

The reason for that is they both have dark hair, almost the same body, and the same taste in clothes and fashion things.

The new girlfriend’s outfit is looking similar to the ex-wife’s brand SKIMS.

Even photographs confused her with Kim and that is very normal as they just look like each other, especially from far.

This man was blaming his ex for her new relationship, even wrote some bad things about her, but as Kim is very happy with her new boyfriend she didn’t give any answer to her ex,

just wrote an Instagram post about being legally free.

Kim was silent about their past about their perfect relationships, but after some time she started talking and the first thing she released about her wedding was that it was far away from being perfect it was horrible,

and she desired every moment to end it.

And also people think that this new woman is trying to look like Kim to keep Kanye next to her, she is dressing like her and also trying to keep her body in a similar form. This is a little strange.