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As humans we can only marvel at the animal kingdom and appreciate what a privilege it is when we are granted any glimpse into this special world.

At Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, a mom orangutan was captured on camera giving birth and then brought her baby to the staff to show her off in a truly magical moment.

The moment was witnessed at the Jersey-based trust, in the U.K., set up by Gerald Durrell, who wrote “My Family and Other Animals”, later adapted into award-winning TV show “The Durrells.”

What made this birth even more special is that Dana the Orangutan was thought to be infertile after staff said her fallopian tubes were blocked.

The 25-year-old Sumatran orangutan had been suffering a number of issues during her pregnancy and was being closely monitored.

A 25-year-old orangutan, gave birth to her first baby on Channel 4's Born  in the Wild | Daily Mail Online

But when the moment of birth happened everyone gave her the space she needed and could only watch in awe at this remarkable mom.

The footage, which is graphic, shows Dana give birth to her baby and then clear his airways, clean him and detach the umbilical cord.

This successful birth, and the first time a Sumatran orangutan has been filmed giving birth, was nothing short of a miracle.

The baby was being monitored and an infrared camera was keeping a close eye on the heavily pregnant mom.

Although Dana was given the space she needed to give birth, a professional team of vets were on standby in case anything went wrong.

The Prancing Papio: World's First Video of Sumatran Orangutan Giving Birth

Dana delivered her child on her own, and after cleaning her newborn and making sure he’s okay, she then carries him over to zoo staff to show him off, to their astonishment.

“This is amazing, she’s come to show us the baby – that is fantastic!” a member of staff can be heard saying in the video.

A screeching noise can be heard in the background which staff said was 28-year-old dad Dagu reacting to seeing his newborn for the first time.

The latest Sumatran orangutan, a species considered to be critically endangered, was called “Keajaiban”, or “Kea”, which means “miracle.”

Such a fitting name for a miracle birth and miracle baby.

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